38 square meter previous expedition building from the steamship days (1871 -1926). Now Snåsavatnets best observatory for sea worms and fish guard. Situated on the water's edge on the three-kilometer long Ålnestangen north side. Perfect for sunsets as well as generally sky-high moods occupied by waves.

 Rustic living standards including gas and gas stove, drinking water in cans, fireplace with fire wood, cold cellar, candle light, grill, and outside toilet. Shower in the sanitary room on the farm (250m). Parking available on site.

Best suited for up to 4 people or 2 adults and 3 children. Note; the cottage consists of two interconnected rooms with no separation that can limit privacy.

Season; June - October

Price per night

700 NOK

Price per week

4200 NOK