The Authentic Escape for the Vagabonds of the Northern Trail...
Oldernes snåsa nord-trøndelag

Oldernes Strandcamp is a basic rustic CAMPING, CABIN and fishing village, with a touch of wilderness. We prepare nature romantic CAMP SITES right on the Snåsa lake, ideal for CAMPERS and TENTS. In the crossing point between camp sites there are essentials like toilets, showers and drinkwater, etc. 

Oldernes Strandcamp is situated in the midst of 'Bearhunter Schulz Nature Parck' with 10 kilometers of easy accessible pathways inbetween 20 beaches and loads of angling spots. 

Off main roads... Out of time, out of this world...!

Here follows some key words that describes our offerings;

Snåsa, Snåsavatnet, Camping, Accommodation, Self-catering, Cabins, Boats, Angling, Hiking Trails, Beaches, Child & Elderly Friendly, Sights, Affordable, Secluded, Quiet, Romantic


Romantics, Singing Waves, Naked Swims, Candlelight, Pit Privy, Sea Monster, Ghosts, Playing, Rustic, Hummingbirds

Beeing inhabited by hunters and fishermen since viking ages, Oldernæs was acquired in 1912 by the german hunter, outdoor pioneer, author and landlord OTTO SCHULZ (1857-1935) and used as his summer residence. -His perfect starting point for exploration of the vast Snåsa wilderness, as he mostly did by foot. Exhausted and satisfied he chilled out on his mile long Oldernæs shoreline trying a catch on this rich angling spot. A place where time is slowly counted in trout wakes, -where the moose cries against the sunset and the mosquito reminds you that you are not dreaming...